Benefits That You Get With Long Term Car Rental Dubai

Whether you are an employer trying to enhance the benefits of your employees or want to get rid of your obsolete fleet of vehicles, it is your turn to look for long-term car rental service. The keenness to have the latest range of models for your office is another reason to go ahead with the choice. On the other hand, a lot of people are under the misconception that renting a vehicle on a long-term basis may not be available. If you want to steer clear of the myths, you must look for LONG TERM CAR RENTAL DUBAI and there are several options you will come across. As a matter of fact, the cost of this option is much lower than the monthly or weekly rental options that can cost you more in the long run.

Cost of depreciation and contract

The moment you buy a new vehicle and take it to the road, the depreciation rate is applicable. However, such a tendency can be avoided when you consider LONG TERM CAR RENTAL DUBAI as you pay for fuel and using the vehicle. For all things related to the value of the vehicle, let the rental agency bear a headache. Moreover, there are no fixed commitments into which you can get when you hire a vehicle for a long time. While you can stick to your budget and plan, the rental agency is happy to get the monthly installment within time. If you want to change your plan, you can always return the vehicle. A lot of people prefer this option for flexible terms of a contract.

Support and the variety

When you go for long-term rental option for vehicles, you will get the support which is needed to make the right choice and the agency will help you manage the documents of contract. Moreover, the option of accessing a wide variety of vehicles makes it an affordable option.

Reduce Car Rental Cost With Monthly Car Hire In Dubai

There are several reasons for which you may need extended options of car rental. When you travel for a long period or for vacation, it is a chosen option for people. One of the most prominent reasons for which you may consider this option is reduced cost. When daily or weekly rentals cost you more, you can find a service provider that offers monthly rental services. Along with the inspection of a vehicle, you must also check the credentials of the service provider. First and foremost, you have to find out the monthly rates of hiring vehicles and make sure that you do a bit of shopping to know the prevailing rates in the market. There is a minimum period for which you have to rent the car to avail the monthly rates that are applicable for car hire.

Terms and conditions

When you need to consider MONTHLY CAR HIRE IN DUBAI, you have to check the terms and conditions of the vehicle that are applicable. For instance, the service provider can expect some sort of maintenance to be carried out when you get the vehicle for a specific running time. However, the policies are likely to differ from one rental agency to another. You must go through the document containing terms and conditions for maintaining the vehicle to find out whether you are liable for additional services. Be specific when you read about the insurance policy of the vehicle and find out whether it matches your requirements or not.

Checking the vehicle

It is extremely important to check the condition of the vehicle when you need MONTHLY CAR HIRE IN DUBAI and does not compromise on any aspect that interferes with the safety level. If you come across scratches or dents in the car, you must bring it to the notice of the service provider. Beware of unscrupulous service providers and get the best deals from online agencies.

Renowned Car Rentals offer transfer services at affordable prices in good quality cars

UAE is one renowned destination worldwide and is also a business magnet for people from nook and corners of the world. Each of them is traveling for viewing the Emirates gates. The one thing that really challenges people to come to this place is the worry people have about transportation fact. While most of the hotels may make transportation available to the distinguished guests, there are travelers who may not be enjoying this provision and are left to avail services of the train. These services, on the other hand, are not conducive because train services never are conducive for the dunes.

The transfers via through cars are super affordable

There are no such convenient, flexible, inexpensive and simple methods for making ways around other than opting for the Cheapest Car Rental in Dubai. Despite many other forms of transportation available but if you are looking for flexibility that is necessary for making it to some of the amazing attractions then, you can count on the car rentals. It remains no more a daunting task anymore. Car rentals in Dubai provide the best freedom that one shall require visiting every inch of this glamorous city nested in the desert. You have the provision of hiring the best cars like AUDI Q5, AUDI A6 and so much more.

Assured quality services to the customers

The rental companies are established ones providing quality services to the customers. A strategic location that these rentals have makes it all the more easy for the customers to locate them without any kind of hassles. Customers get to enjoy services for more twenty-four hours besides free pick up and shipping is also provided. If first-class services are what you desire then any Dubai Airport Rental Cars are going to present you with that. Cars are in great conditions and you are guaranteed safety.

Travel in style and Luxury with the best Car Rentals in Dubai

It is all about reaching preferred destinations so that Dubai ride becomes really enjoyable. One is not able in finding better options and it is in these options that car rentals really help for ensuring hassle-free and smooth transportation. Many feel the need to travel in style and thus they may opt for Luxury Car Rental Company Dubai because after all, Dubai is one destination that is meant for players, big spenders and high rollers. Its growth to the metropolis from being a cosmopolitan has made Dubai the business and cultural hub in the Middle East besides the popular destination for tourists. The most surprising thing is that despite being an expensive city you get rentals at a much affordable rate. Thus, with luxury car rentals you get to enjoy the majestic place in comfort and style.

Wide range of luxury car fleet

Traveling in luxury cars is the act of beauty because the cars look classy and offer a performance that is completely laid back for the high performance. Besides the car being eye-catching the rental companies have a wide range of them, in which you can travel in utmost style without breaking the bank because it is Economical Car Rental Dubai. For the ones preferring classy look in their cars, they can choose amidst Rolls Royce, Land Cruiser, BMW, Range Rover, Cadillac, Bentley and Mercedes Benz. However, those that look for sports cars can choose from Audi, Aston Martini Porsche, Lamborghini, Chevrolet, and Ferrari.

Acceleration and sophistication existing side by side

Dubai has great roads and a traffic system that is pretty well-defined, these cars from car rentals are appropriate to run on the roads. Despite busy grueling days, you will find time to have some fun because they run beautifully and offer lush comfort at thrilling speeds. You are assured of excellent care for customers and satisfaction to the core.

Dubai Car Rental Benefits


Are you tired of that old, same & boring life! Do you want a change in life and want to make it exciting? If your answer is Yes! Then the one destination you will definitely enjoy will be DUBAI. It has the most amazing infrastructure that has already established itself as a major player in the trade and especially Tourism as many exhibition venues are in Dubai.

Dubai has many places to visit. It offers you with many thrilling sightseeing and activities that you always dreamt off. Visiting Dubai will always treat you with a lot of excitement and thrilling experience. If you are planning to do more and explore a new place then better start planning now as it will take a lot of planning and traveling

To explore properly and in a style you’ve got to take a car. Now you might be thinking, car! How? Well not to worry. You don’t have to carry your car or ship out to Dubai. Just rent it. Yes, It’s that simple. Just rent it from Proxcars. Though Dubai transport is quite up to the point if you want to explore in a proper way then you need a car.

Renting a car comes with amazing and convenient experience. it provides hassle-free transportation. If you are a business personnel or someone who is residing in Dubai, renting a car would be the best option for you. Let’s think of a time, If you want to go for a trip or you have a meeting in Dubai, renting a car comes handy as it helps you in lowering the maintenance. Taking your car to a new place can be little discomforting because it takes a lot of responsibility if you are riding your car. From Where to park to the maintenance of car it asks for so many things sometimes. At this point, Rent a car for your exciting journey or for your business trip.

There is much more to explore in Dubai. Do it in a proper way and in a King Like feeling by Renting a Car from Proxcars.

Make Your Vacation Luxurious With Proxcars

Dear Travelers of Iran, are you planning a trip to somewhere where it is easy to be a tourist? Then you should probably be a tour of Dubai. I assure you, that you will get the vacation of your dreams. Dubai brings you the most exciting and fun things that you ever wish for.

Vacation in Dubai is not just about exploring new places and trying food from all over the world, but it is a beautiful experience of relaxing and be in your comfort zone after you have taken off from work and finally decided to take a break.

A very important thing while you’re on a vacation is traveling. Therefore, it is very important that you travel in the most comfortable car because if you are in Dubai Public transport may not be a very good option. You need to have a car of your own. And that’s not very hard because I’m here to provide you with the car of your dreams while you’re on your break.

So, you have spent all day at the airport, taken 2 and half hours of flight and from all the way of Iran you’re here in Dubai. You’re all tired and needs to get to your hotel and sleep. But how? You obviously need a car to get there.

Don’t worry I have a solution to all your problems, use Prix cars to order your luxurious car and enjoy your way to the hotel. Proxcars is the platform where you can rent the most luxurious cars of your dreams and make your vacation exotic. They have the most top-class cars with latest features in them. These are the cars that are also used by the celebrities and corporate leader.

Proxcars is unique, or I’d say they are super cool and fancy because they only give you the best. A true vacation for Iranians is a full luxury, and Proxcars is all about luxury cars. They want you to have your vacation with royalty by providing you with the fanciest cars. And to provide you with that, they keep the best qualities to give satisfy their customers.

By providing the customers with the finest fleets and motors, the company has been able to keep its brand image high, even during the tough times. Proxcars warmly welcomes the tourist from all over the Iran to Dubai and enjoy traveling in the best cars of this era. This company is unique. They are very open about their products. You’re able to know about every minor detail about the car before you can actually rent it. To reach the highest satisfaction of the customer, Proxcars gives you every information about the car. Moreover, they also provide you with tips that are still undiscovered to you for the future reference.

Proxcars have a variety if cars such as Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Porsche, and Audi R8. They have all the selection of best cars of the era. Dubai is a place created by the royals of Arabs, in order of that the vacation over there should be the royal ones also. So, if you’re coming to Dubai for a grand and royal vacation Proxcars is ready to serve you with the best.

Enjoy your break with royalty!


Dubai is a magical city with magnificent sights and sounds that will impress any visitor. Its strategic location makes it a world-class city and hence the perfect destination for a brief business stay or for an extended vacation. While touring this exotic traveler’s destination it is highly recommended to consider a Luxury Car Rental Company Dubai episode.

Visitors from Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world will be especially pleased with the transportation options from a leading rental firm. There is a decent selection of vehicles to hire out. S.U.V’s/ 4×4 luxury cars, as well as economical cars, fit in with any budget. Other special requirements that made may be needed for the trip are carefully considered.

It is a good experience to have a reliable company like that strives to give top rate service to esteemed customers. Friendly rates ensure that there is always a likable category that will be suitable for the intended tour.

If in need of the best transportation services in Dubai feel free to check out a capable fleet of ready vehicles. These are well maintained and are equipped with the latest technology to make navigation convenient.
Rentals include an extensive list of established brands such as GMC, Nissan, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda among others. These form a dependable fleet of well-maintained vehicles that are assured to give service without any incidences along the way.
Glossy shiny rentals earn instant respect wherever they turn up. For a pleasant driving experience in Dubai choose a renowned car rental service that has the interest of its clients at heart.

Advance booking is recommended at all times. It lets the requester know which options are available at any given day. Depending on how long one desires to use these rentals, companies offer special rates and discounts.

Affordable per day pricing is available. At times a visit needs to be extended for some reason. On such an occasion the client is advised to revise their booking to weekly or monthly car hire as they see fit. The rental firm is happyto take in any special requests, changes in booking and other issues.

Whether for a short term or long term stay there is always a friendly package that will keep the client satisfied.

Proximity to the airport and major transportation links is an important factor while narrowing down the best provider. A strategically located company lets the user access fast convenient transport at no extra cost.

Do not miss out on any of the amazing trips in Dubai for lack of a credible transport service. Hiring out a car lets one have more control over their itinerary. This translates to honoring last minute changes and trips without any hassle.

Tour this famous city in class and unlock its hidden beauty while at the comfort of a dependable car.A getaway in a foreign destination is meant to be special. Cruising in a super car is one of the ways to get a memorable touring experience in Dubai. Making reservations is easy and fun.

Luxury Car Rentals In Dubai For a Perfect Evening

Nothing adds to the class of an individual like that of luxury car rentals, and you can get one from one of the luxury car rental service companies. Luxury car rentals can be used for many things, of which one of the most important is to attract the woman you have always dreamt about. To impress her, leave your normal car in the garage and invest in a classy ride from the luxury car rentals that will leave her stunned. Give that special someone a break from normality, and take her for a ride in a car that is used by celebrities. Make her feel important and special by hiring a car from the luxury car rentals in Dubai. Not only will you manage to impress the girl, but you will also be the most looked at the couple as you get in and get out of your great luxury ride.

Though you might think that it is an immensely hard task, to rent a luxury cars a surprisingly simple task. Just go to any luxury car rentals service and choose from the large variety that they offer, from imported cars to limousines. Get details of all the luxury rentals from the Internet so that you can be well prepared to choose between a Bugatti to a Bently. We suggest you get this set up several days before the big day so that everything goes off without a glitch.


If you have thought until now that luxury car rentals are only meant for celebrities, you can think again. Those service providers that specialize in luxury rentals are always happy to rent you one, so you do not need to convince them at all. Luxury rentals aim to give you an evening of your life with your girl on one side and such a classy ride on the other. Of course, if you intend to use up the back seat of the car with your girl, make sure hire a discreet chauffeur.

Appropriate luxury cars for rent in Dubai will enhance the memories of a great evening. It will make the evening seem very special, and will easily go down in the memory of your special someone as one of the best times she has had. The expense is of absolutely no account in the light of impressing your girl. There are several reasons to do this; perhaps it is the first day, perhaps it is the day you are going to ask her to marry you, whatever it is, a luxury car to suit the occasion is necessary.

Not only should you keep in mind that you are special, but you should also make sure that your special someone feels special too. A rental service provider will enable you to experience a drive to pamper both of you; it will heighten the sense of romance, not to mention the memories. If everything goes off perfectly, she will look at you as the most special individual in her life, as you should be. Sweep her entirely off her feet so that she looks forward to her life with you. A luxury car from those luxury car rentals providers is that small investment you have to make in order to make sure that the rest of your life is spent happily.

3 Incredible cars for Long term car rental in Dubai

Everybody wants to go to Dubai, including you. How would you explore this huge tourist destination? You definitely need a car for that. I bet you plan is to stay in Dubai for a while. When planning for that, renting a car would be the best solution. Questions like the worthiness of a long-term car rental may be lingering in your mind right now. Do not worry, a solution already exists for you. That is what we are here for. We provide great Long term car rental Dubai services. Yes, Proxcars has the best car rental services in Dubai. You can rent a comfortable, luxurious, cool and favorite car at great rates. There are three incredible cars for long term car rental in Dubai:

1) Economical Cars :
For maximum happiness during a holiday or even work time, financial stability is paramount. When in Dubai, you have to weigh your options right. Renting a car that does not fit your budget may make you broke. Yet, you do not want to be the poor man in Dubai. Nobody wants that. The best way to manage your budget is by renting economical cars and Proxcars does that for you. From Mercedes C300 to Toyota Corolla, we have got you covered.


2) Luxury Cars :
Do you know what people go to Dubai to do? For a happiness spree. How better would you enjoy your time than to drive that favorite luxurious car in a desert city? From Rolls Royce Phantom to Range Evoque Convertible. You name them, those are just but a few. For Dubai it is about the class and the great lifestyle. People in Dubai prefer the best and the finest of the cars. Do not be left out, rent a luxurious car with Proxcars to fit in the Dubai lifestyle.

3) SUV’s and 4 X 4 Cars
How do you feel when you see that majestic, tough looking 4 X 4 cars? They are commonly known as SUVs. I bet you feel like you want to drive them across the city, don’t you? Most of the people in today’s world love these cars. Do you know what’s better? There love the SUVs’ drivers too. They are powerful and have the capability to drive in any terrain. You should not miss out to drive these great vehicles when you are in Dubai. Proxcars offers a range of SUVs for a long-term car rental Dubai.

There you have it. Those are the three incredible cars for a long-term car rental Dubai. When holidaying or working in Dubai, avoid the big hustle of public transport by renting a car from Proxcars. You will get the best services ever. From low budget cars to high budget cars. You are covered if you like all terrain cars. With a wide range of cars to rent out, you can select your favorite car. Do not get a low deal, Proxcars offers the best deals. Never miss out on a car rent opportunity while in Dubai. We look forward to seeing you drive your favorite car while in Dubai.

High Ranked Prox Luxury Car Hire in Dubai

Prox Luxury Car Hire invites you in Dubai; the heart of Middle East. It is a standardized industry that offers value-scope vehicle rentals platform as well as World Series of equally and exotic, exciting fleets. Prox luxury car rentals fulfill the entire motoring needs to their clients.

Prox Car Rentals welcome their customers, prospects, and client in Dubai, the only region where an exclusive car rental meets precision. The most exciting features about Prox Luxury Car hire is their regular update official website ( It always covers automotive products and end-to-end brands as well as a place of following any undiscovered instructions and tips about car rentals.
The Company also features high ranked automotive models entirely driven by desire and powered with the purpose of serving diverse, and all include the corporates leaders as well as the celebrities.


Additionally, the rental platform has a revolutionized fresh face that presents all passionate motor lovers with the Executive powered tone of chaotic coolness and pseudo-revolution. Besides, it also gives well-developed reputation and to quality client services along with a broad range of finest fleets. Having best quality vehicle is what has enabled the Prox Company to maintain its activeness and booming in the automotive industry even during the darkest moments.

The following are a range of luxury vehicle vehicles:

• Aston Martin,
• Bentley,
• BMW,
• Ferrari,
• Lamborghini,
• Mercedes Benz,
• Porsche,
• Range Rover,
• Audi R8.
Prox Car Rental in Dubai covers a wide range of services.

Here are some of the services offered by Prox Company:

Business trip of vacation

Whether in a holiday or business trip, Prox Company understands your needs. They know that you need a discreet comfort as well as premium hospitality. Dubai is a beautiful ancient land, but the climate can be among the discomfort most people experience. However, regardless of this condition, Prox Car Rental Company can be helpful when it comes to comfortable motoring requirements. For the honored guests, efficient, and convenient transportation, Prox Company is authoritative. As you travel around Dubai, you need an air-conditioned luxury car, and that is exactly what Prox Rental Company offers.

Transport after Accommodation

During your tour in Dubai, besides the accommodation, the most decision must talk about your transportation. Prox premium Car Rentals should be your priorities. The company is 24/7 available to serve all your transport needs. The company has all kinds of vehicle you might need for transportation.

Variety of Vehicles

Prox Luxury Car Rental has a variety of luxury cars, including the latest models in a perfect maintenance state. Their professional and helpful employees are always standby to serve. Whether you are in need of a car for sightseeing or car for a special occasion such as the wedding, all are available in Prox Luxury Car Rental along with an exact model that suits your needs.

Prox Luxury Vehicle Rental

Since Prox Rental Company has a pleasing comfort of air-conditioned, luxury vehicles assist to beat the heat in Dubai and optimize an enjoyment of your visit. For the entire transport requirements in Emirate, feel free to contact the company. They will supply all your hired vehicle needs. Whether it is a luxury car for arriving in an important meeting or being ready for attending ceremonies or even a thrilling sports car, all are you can find in Prox Luxury Car Hire in Dubai.