Dubai On A Budget? No Problem

Coming to Dubai? Welcome from, the best place for economy car rentals Dubai.

Dubai is one of the most special places in the world to be. From high-rise buildings to man-made islands in the heart of the ocean, you will find anything and everything you have imagined in this mystical land. Dubai is not just a city, it is a place where imagination meets reality. An ice rink in the middle of the ocean? Yes, it is here in Dubai and there is nothing that will beat the experience you have in this splendid place. Just wish for something and you will find it already exists in Dubai? Isn’t it a dreamland?


Traveling in Dubai can become a headache for many visitors. There is no point in visiting Dubai if you don’t ride a car of your own on the mesmerizing desert roads and enjoy the landscape. Often, visitors get so lost in the beauty of this city, that going for a car rental becomes an expensive luxury. Don’t worry. As long as you have by your side, you will never have to worry about it.

We have the best and the widest selection of economy car rentals Dubai. Our cars are beautiful, top-class models that are always well-maintained by our staff. Our economy car rentals are not just ordinary cars in ordinary cities. You are in Dubai and that is why even your economy cars would be Lamborghinis, Audis, BMWs, Fords, and Honda sedans.


Yes! You are right. You will get the best of the cars that Dubai has to offer at very economical prices. There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy the luxury of Dubai. You can do it whenever you like and that too at the fraction of the cost that is originally charged for them.

We told you that Dubai is the city of dreams. Now you can enjoy the city in your favorite car and pay a small cost for it. The car is all yours. Drive it wherever you want and enjoy with your friends and family. It takes time to appreciate the beauty of various tourist attractions in Dubai. Having a car of your own will only double the fun. Isn’t this a great option? It is like living in your own city with your own car. There is truly nothing better than economy car rentals Dubai. Contact us today!

See Dubai In A Ferrari

Looking for luxury car rental services in Dubai? Look no further.

We are, the no. 1 car rental service in Dubai catering to our esteemed audience and their need to see the wonderful city in style. Our rental services are only for those who want style, luxury, and exquisite comfort. This is why we bring to you our fleet of cars with the best Ferraris you will ever ride. All our cars are well maintained and top of their class. Switch on the engine once and you will never wish to get off the car that is as beautiful and powerful as a Ferrari.


We also have the best Ford Mustangs, BMWs, and Chevrolets in our fleet. Just name the most luxurious car that you want to drive on the streets of Dubai and we will get that one for you. Our promise is to provide a great service experience to the customers. All our service representatives are pleasant and very hospitable. Talk to them, get the car of your choice, and start roaring on the streets while driving the most ‘in-vogue’ cars in the world. It never gets better with luxury car rental services Dubai. We are the best in the business.

Dubai is a once in a lifetime experience and you must make sure that you enjoy it in your own rented car. With our cars, you will be able to see the most luxurious side of the city without waiting for chauffeurs or wasting your time booking taxis. Just hop into your car and go wherever you like, without any issues. Be an explorer and start seeing new things right from the driver’s seat. Trust us, the world is never the same when you sitting on the driver’s seat of a classic red Ferrari and driving at superhuman speeds. This is a magical experience that only we can offer you.

2017 Lamborghini Huracan Coupe

2017 Lamborghini Huracan Coupe

So why don’t you call us today and see what all we have in store for you? There are more than 100 cars to choose from and each one of them is designed to perfection. We maintain them well and ensure that you get your awesome luxury car delivered right at your doorstep whenever you want to take a trip across Dubai.

Tell us what your choice is- a Ford, a Lamborghini, or a Ferrari. Call us and we will be at your doorstep whenever you want with the car you want. Enjoy!

Luxury For A Bargain

Dubai is all about the best things in life. The scenic beaches, the amazing parties and the breathtaking cityscape, there is nothing that will cease to excite and intrigue you in Dubai. So why are you here only for sightseeing? Why don’t you add an element of extra thrill into your vacation with the cheapest luxury car rental company in Dubai.



We are, the only company that provides the most luxurious cars in Dubai for rent at a bargain price. No, you don’t have to pay us a fortune for driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini. We have the cheapest rates for car rentals in Dubai and we make sure that you feel like a king whenever you rent one of our cars. Our name is synonymous with affluence and wealth. Whether you want to attend a party in town or simply want to go for a quiet ride on the desert roads, just let us know and we will be taking care of your needs.

We are the cheapest luxury car rental company in Dubai but are cars are the top-end and the most recent models. If you don’t want to drive around town, we will even provide you with chauffeur services so that you can have a good time with your friends or family. Our chauffeurs are trained to drive you around town safely and know their way in the town. Therefore, you can take them wherever you may want to and get safety and hospitality guarantee from us.

2017 Honda Accord EX 4Dr FWD sedan

2017 Honda Accord EX 4Dr FWD sedan

To book a car with us, simply drop a request on the website and we will get in touch with you in a split second. Our manager will ask for your details, your address, the number of passengers and the make and model of the car you are looking for. Upon finalizing all these details, the manager will personally ensure that a car stands at your doorstep at the designated time, with or without a chauffeur. You can take as long a lease as you may want. Once your trip is over, our chauffeur will simply drive the car back to us. If you drive the car, we will send a chauffeur to pick up the car.

This is the simplest way to enjoy a luxurious vacation in Dubai without worrying about hiring cabs. Just get a car of your own and drive it the way you like. Make this your best vacation in Dubai.

Family Holidays In Dubai

I always talked about expecting less from car rental services. I was never keen on hiring a car while driving through a place which is unknown, especially with my kids. Every time we went for holidays we hired a taxi service to assist us in reaching places we thought off. The price tag on such services was never a problem for me as safety of my kids was the prominent concern.

A month ago, we went for the yearly international holidays with my family. I live with two kids, my wife, and my mother. As I told you I always opted for taxi services but this time I was pushed to change my decision by my family. They wanted no outside person to be with us while we were in that fantastic place. I searched for the best car renting services in Dubai and was the website I encountered.

I was really impressed by their car collection as I am a car fanatic myself. They had almost all the high-end cars which were not available with other service providers. Our stay was for 10 days, so I hired an Audi Q5 and a GMC Silverado 2017 for 5 days each. I did this to provide more fun for my family with the benefit of two cars in case one did not meet our expectation.

I was proven wrong as both the cars performed really well. Before taking my family on a ride I tested both the cars on their extreme and both of them gave a positive performance. Finally, I got assured about my family’s wellbeing. We travelled around the entire city visiting all the places that we decided to go. The ride was very comfortable, kudos to the perfect road conditions of Dubai.  My always judgemental mother was happy with the car’s performance which increased my satisfaction level.

All in all, going for was a good decision. If I would not have rented the car my family could have reacted otherwise. Thanks a lot, to these people who have made travelling easier in Dubai.  Before going for any other rental service do not forget to check out their offers. They are the best.

Race Your Way Through Dubai

If you have been to Dubai before, you know all about the extravagant lifestyle of this place. Everything is beautiful, bustling with joy and fun. The homes are exquisite as they can be and the cars are grand and exotic. Dubai residents have a soft corner for sports cars and luxury cars. They love buying one and riding them on the long winding roads of the desert. If you are visiting the city again, then this time, you should also enjoy like a local and opt for a luxury and exotic sports car rental Dubai.

We, at, provide the best ever luxurious cars and awesome sports car for the visitors of the city. Each of these cars is perfectly designed and well-maintained. We have the most authentic car renting experience in Dubai. Our process is simple as well. All you have to do is send us a request online and we will handle the rest. From finding out the right car for you to dropping it off at your location, our luxury and exotic sports car rental can do anything to make your stay more comfortable.

If you like living in the fast lane, then renting an awesome car in Dubai should definitely be on your wish list. It will help you in getting an authentic Dubai experience as you will get to live like a local. You can drive the cars like they are your own and even get a chance to meet with like-minded locals and travellers who share their love for exotic sports cars with you. Trust us, Dubai is the only place where you will see so many luxury and sports car at once on the streets and it is highly unlikely that you would not want to drive one yourself.

So, don’t think about it anymore. When in Dubai, live like the locals. Come and visit a grand hotel and then book our luxury and exotic sports car rental Dubai to have a vacation like never before. You will totally love the way you get to be a part of the local customs. Everybody loves their cars in Dubai and now you will also become one of them. Just make sure that these cars are rented only from as we will provide you with the most well-maintained cars at the most reasonable prices. Send us a quote today and talk to our managers to know how we can help you.

Bachelor Party In Dubai

I would really like to thank for making my last trip the best I had in years. It’s one of the many things that have made me love Dubai. Not only it’s one of the best places to have your holidays but every inch of this city speaks about perfection. The car rental company we dealt in was a perfect example of this superiority.

My colleagues are from South Africa working in an IT firm. We decided to visit Dubai before anybody’s marriage. This New Year’s Eve was our target and we flew to Dubai to achieve it. We were 6 friends and booked seats in a nearby restaurant to watch the famous celebration that happens in Burj Khalifa. We reached Dubai on the evening of 28th December to have a full experience of the New Year feast.  My friend asked about renting a car for touring the place instead of public transport. After watching movies like ‘Hangover” we were really excited to ride ourselves on the streets of Dubai.

I am not exaggerating but the driving experience was so good that we did not let the car to go even after expiration of our deal. We rented it for two more days until the end of our vacation. I must say that was the best decision of that journey. The car we hired was a G-Class AMG G63 by Mercedes-Benz. We travelled without a map or a GPS to make this journey memorable. In case you might not know, that car is a treat to ride. It’s so smooth and powerful that anybody will fall for it. We rode through almost all the best places in Dubai speculating and asking our way through the city.

On 31st December, we took a long road towards the desert area. The ride was so pleasing we forgot our bookings for the New Year celebration. We were to too reluctant about leaving the car even after we recalled our main reason to come here. We watched the fireworks brighten the sky at midnight but were happier than ever beside our metal friend from Dubai. We will come back again and drive the same car from Thanks a lot, guys you made our day.

Traveller’s Paradise In Dubai

There are very few rental services that I do trust and Proxcars is one of them. I am an avid traveller and have travelled across half of the world in the best places possible. Like all travellers, one of my best places to be has been Dubai. It’s one of the most visually pleasing places in the whole world. It does not matter if a person does not like manmade beautiful buildings, they will sure to love this city.

I recently went to this place in search of more interesting photos for my travel blog. I had to reach distinct places in the city, which was not possible through public transport. I intended on hiring a car through a rental service provider. I searched online but there were so many options I got confused and tried to ask a local person. I called the taxi driver who took me to the hotel from the airport. He was very helpful in telling me about Though taxi drivers do not tell about such services yet he was very helpful in giving me the correct guidance.

I went to their website and hired a Honda Civic which was enough for me to carry my photography tools with me. I drove throughout the city looking for moments to capture moments, not limiting myself to a certain type of photography. This car helped me a lot to reach those places in time without giving me any kind of problem. The ride was very smooth and according to needs of securing my photography tools.

I was well guided by the employees of this company to capture the best places and moments in Dubai. I heartily thank them for their supportive attitude which helped me in an unknown city. I have sent some best photographs in their email id and I hope they do showcase some beautiful moments in their city. I would like to tell all travellers like me to deal with for the best rental cars in Dubai. I assure you that there will not be any disappointment. Do not waste your time in comparing different services, as I am giving you a solution to go for. Enjoy your travel.

Tips For Riders While Traveling In Economical Cars Rentals Company Dubai

Car rentals are increasingly becoming popular these days because they are affordable and one gets the same amount of freedom as that of owning a car. It is easy to find an economy vehicle from one of the best online car rental company, although they have different categories of luxury cars to suit every occasion such as vacation, road trip, or business trip.

Factors for economic car rentals

The following factors should be taken into account so that car rental is economical.

  • Return the car at the same branch: Try to return the car to the same branch from where you have hired it because if you return it at a different branch you may have to incur some extra charges.
  • Return the car on time: Try to return the car to the car rental company within the timeframe for which you have booked it. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra money as late fees. Do not forget to take into account some extra time while booking if you are planning to visit an unfamiliar place. This will help you to avoid stress.
  • Fill gas tank: When you hire a car from Economical Cars Rentals Company Dubai always remember to fill the gas tank before returning it. This way you avoid paying extra fuel and service charges.
  • An idea about driving conditions: The driver needs to have an idea about the driving conditions of the destination location. Even if they do not know anything about the location, it is crucial to inquire from the rental company or from the internet. This will save your time and money.
  • Documentation of dents and scratches: Before you sign the forms, the dents and scratches if any on the car should be documented to the Economical Cars Rentals Company Dubai. You should also check whether air conditioners, heating, and lighting are in a working condition.
  • Comparison: You can compare the rents with other sites and select the best car rental services. This is how car rental turns out to be economical.
  • Check for insurance coverage: Check with the car rental company whether or not insurance is required. Companies today offer relatively cheap insurance plans.
  • GPS system: There is no need to worry if you get lost on your trip. The GPS system in your rental car can show you the way. Even if the address is not known to you, a GPS system recommends you certain places to visit and ultimately helps to reach your destination.
  • Contact number: It is important to carry the car rental company’s phone number so that you can call them whenever required. Majority of the companies have 24*7 helpline numbers.

Renting a car

The top quality car rental service guarantees economy vehicles at an affordable price. Car rental requirements are satisfied easily with great deals and excellent customer service. These factors don’t require much consideration when the association lies with leading car rental companies in Dubai. Therefore, with the best car rental service, you can enjoy your trip in style.

Effectiveness Of Luxury Car Rental Company In Dubai

Car rental is one of the largest sectors that has developed and flourished in the travel industry. Car rental in Dubai is well advanced and firms, individuals, many companies, people have invested in the industry. Usually, a car rental office necessarily does not own the cars. They can have as agents and supplier of different types of luxury cars.

Ranges of luxury cars

There are many types of luxury cars; all depends on the occasion or the purpose of the hire or rental. The common occasions where car rental like Luxury Car Rental Company In Dubai is fully embraced in weddings and sports. Every day, thousands of people travel into the city while others transit or leave. It also acts as a halt for many airlines making the car rental industry be more competitive. The most common type of luxury cars rented by many companies are as follows:-

  • Rolls-Royce-ghost,
  • Audi,
  • The Bentley-Flying-Spur,
  • BMS especially the S series,
  • Porsche-Panamera-s,

Online booking

The luxury cars can be and are rented by many companies in Dubai. In Luxury Car Rental Company In Dubai, you will have a wide variety of choices. Most of the renting cars have special online platforms through which one can book the type of luxury car that is needed by paying advance.

Renting costs

The costs of renting these cars vary on the basis of numerous factors. Some of crucial factors include the company in which one is renting from. The different companies take different charges depending on the type of car, the season and also the time. In time, different companies can charge either on day, month, and a whole package of the occasion. The mileage is also used as determinant of car rental cost in many countries. However, the season may also vary. There are high seasons, and low seasons where some type of cars tend not to have larger competition. The make of the car and the manufacturing year is also a very determining factor in Dubai. For holiday or vacation purpose however, renting a luxury car can be more economical than purchasing a new one or importing yours in to the city. The Luxury Car Rental Company in Dubai is one of the most lucrative businesses in Dubai.

What to opt for

Dubai is one of the best and few places for the consumers where one can find all type of rental cars from:

  • luxury cars,
  • sport cars,
  • Trekking cars and many more.

Choosing the best company

The best Luxury Car Rental Company in the spectacular desert city will offer the best travel assistance. The luxury cars are the main alternative to go around Dubai. There is no compelling reason to get an escort or pay high taxi bill simply to travel few miles inside the city. Yet before leasing a car in Dubai, there are sure things that an individual ought to consider to get best esteemed and modest car rental arrangements. Your trip will surely be an enriching and exciting one.

Ways In Which You Can Make The Most Of Budget Car Hire In Dubai

If you travel frequently to Dubai, knowing more about the budget car hire options in this city will help you travel smoothly. Instead of expensive rides in cabs and getting stranded in one location, you can always think of Budget Car Hire in Dubai to save time. However, you cannot rush into a decision without analyzing a few options. If you are new in this city, you might have to face all the odds even when you pay a huge amount for hiring a vehicle. However, a careful approach to finding the best pricing and vehicle will lead you to the right choice. If you are not too choosy about the vehicle, there are online resources for which you can get the best rates with proper negotiation. All that you need is a bit of patience to take the deal through to get a suitable rate.

Internet and package

What can you get from the internet while looking for the best deals for rented vehicles? The question should have been the other way round as the best options come from the online resources. Initially, you can try to get deals in packages and you are in for some great discounts. However, you can avoid combining the deal with airport picks. What’s more, you can hire vehicles from the comfort of home without spending a dime on fuel. You can review the options on the internet and explore scores of websites to get Budget Car Hire in Dubai according to your preferences.

Checking the maintenance

A lot of budget car renting options do not pay attention to maintenance and it is your turn to pour into the details carefully. Try to check the vehicle from all the corners to note the dents and scratches and show them immediately to the service provider. You cannot make a decision after reviewing one vehicle rather try to look into various options before making the right choice.