About Us

About Us

Prox Car Rental is an industry leader in the luxury car rental business in Dubai that boasts about its series of exotic range of cars and superior customer service. The company features top-class automotive models to be driven by passion and powered by purpose to serve all and sundry including corporate leaders and celebrities.


What is more, this rental platform has been a revolutionary hip face that speaks to all ardent motor lovers with an executive’s powered tone of pseudo-revolution and chaotic cool. And to give it a well-developed reputation, its top-quality customer service combined with a range of the finest fleets and motors is what has enabled the company to remain active and roaring in the industry, even during the hardest times.

Toyota Rav4 Car Rental Dubai

We now welcome customers, clients and prospects to Prox Car Rentals in Dubai UAE, the only place where exclusive rentals in cars meets precision. The most intriguing feature about our regularly updated official website is that it covers automotive products and brands end-to-end, and it is by itself a place to follow for any undiscovered tips and instructions about renting a car. Visit and bring real car rental time to value.


Our range of cars includes  BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Range Rover, Audi, Mazda and etc.

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