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The 2017 Audi Q5 L was designed to offer uncompromised performance experience and fine luxury. You’ll be able to only enjoy an effortless ride when travelling with this state-of-the-art sedan. This can be the vehicle making waves in the vehicle rental industry in Dubai. Proxcars is often a car rental in Dubai which has a quantity of the most up-to-date cars, such as Q5 L.If you need to rent a motor vehicle in Dubai, go and visit Proxcars along with the 2017 Audi Q5 L. Try a refurbished infotainment system and stream your selected music while relaxing with a comfortable leather seat. Discover familiar with Dubai routes, the auto carries a Global positioning system unit that will help with navigation.The value and mileage of Audi Q5 S Line is sufficient show you the luxurious you is certain to get because of this car. The auto costs 450 AED and achieves 19 MPG on city roads and 29 MPG on highways. You will want this car through the leading luxury rental-car in Dubai and get an antique trip.

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